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1. The Users

it´s all about you


Find your comics

Search the listings for the premium comics that you want. Search globally, and feel safe with your transaction.

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No commissions

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Sell your comics directly to the buyers

Sell your premium comics ($30+) and get a fair price for them. No need to accept a low level bid from a reseller anymore.

No joining fee
No commissions until end July 2022 (10% – 13% after that)


List your comics


This is for private individuals to buy & sell their own items.

Sell your comics, merchandise, statues, and all types of collectibles on the marketplace.

Safe & easy transactions, and simple & secure payments

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2. The Marketplace

not just any old marketplace



Listings & user profiles are monitored to ensure they comply with the community guidelines.

Every action and intention is closely monitored, and fully moderated.

Questions and answers on a comic´s listing are public so that everyone benefits.

When you buy comics, and enter your payment details, then the messaging is private (but still monitored by us 🧐)



We use the secure, well-used payment systems – Paypal & Stripe. You can choose to use credit cards, or debit cards, or Paypal accounts, or all of them!

If you sell a comic, it must be shipped with online tracking to protect everyone.

We don’t see or handle your confidential payment information. Of course, we don’t share or sell it either.

Privacy is important to us. No personal details are allowed to be given out on the marketplace.



Everything is designed so that it can be transparent and open, to be fair to everyone.

Automatic emails guide you through the process. The ‘How it Works’ and FAQs are living documents, updated as we grow.

The support team is highly responsive and will jump into the public comments to answer questions, or email privately if we feel we can help with anything.

We want your experience to be a positive one.

3. The Comics

not just any old comic


Top Quality

Premium comics only ($30+)

We want this marketplace to focus on the higher end of the market so we have set a minimum selling price of $30.

This minimum price will reduce the volume of transactions and, therefore, it will allow the support team to be on hand to personally guide through transactions when necessary, and to provide true support when users need it.


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Wide Variety

Premium comics, merch, staues, and more

Our original focus for this marketplace is on premium comics, but we will also be listing many other categories of related items such as action figures, collectibles, graphic novels, manga, and so much more.

Whatever the category, all transactions will have the same robust payment protections, moderation, and listing format so that using the site is kept simple for the users.


See our guide


Global source

One marketplace, globally, in $

All users will be on the same marketplace so buyers can access sellers anywhere in the world. The sellers can attract a global audience for their premium comics. Obscure & specialist items can be sourced anywhere, and strong SEO means that google searches will easily find an item when you search for it.


Browse the listings

Why are we doing this?

… so many good reasons

Creating a safe, secure, and efficient marketplace

Too many “marketplaces” are simply chat forums where a seller posts an item for sale and a small negotiation takes place. There is then some sort of random agreement about how to proceed with buyers worried about getting scammed and sellers worried about not getting paid. We designed this site so that the transactions are rigid and safe – Stripe & Paypal protect everybody and everything happens on the site (except your confidential financial details – we don´t see those!). The process is clear & easy to follow.

Sellers get a fair price

Many times we read that sellers had to go to shops and present their collection & they would have to accept a bid of possibly only 30% of the actual value of the collection. We understand that the shop has to sort through the collection, pay for it up front, take a risk that they don’t sell some (or all) of it, pay staff, electricity, etc, etc. But as a seller, it would be far nicer to remove all those costs and simply sell to a buyer who knows what they want and how much they want to pay for it. 

Premium comics, premium service, serious buyers and sellers

By focussing on the higher end of the market, we want this to be a marketplace that is simply designed for transacting in a protected, transparent, and serious manner.  There are many great sites for chatting, forums, shelfies, etc but this is a proper professional marketplace with all the protections & features that come with that word.

Interested ?

First Class Comics GUIDES

How to Pack & Post Comics

How to Pack & Post Comics

  HOW TO PACK & POST COMICS  GREAT GUIDE from sellmycomicbooks website Written instructions on how to ship comics (more than 4): We want to create a "brick" from your comics, using tape and bubblewrap, so it is protected from potential damage in transit. Ensure...

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How it works

How it works

  HOW IT WORKS  Quick guide to languages, currency, and shipping Listing prices are shown in US Dollars. If you bank account is in a different currency, then Paypal or Stripe will make the necessary exchange.  Shipping prices should be for domestic online tracked. If...

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